Sellers Information

Sellers Information

Sellers Information

As an experienced real estate agency, Private Luxury Collection offers a comprehensive listing strategy that sells homes quickly. 


Correct Pricing 


First and foremost, we understand the importance of selling your property for the highest price possible, while also taking into consideration your desired time frame. 


One of the most common mistakes we see in the Portuguese real estate market is homes being overpriced when they hit the market. This can lead to a lack of showings, low offer prices and sales falling through.  


The first month of a home being listed and marketed is the most vital and at Private Luxury Collection we will make sure to give you an honest prive for you home so as to position you for a successful sale. 


In-depth Property Analysis 


At Private Luxury Collection, we make sure to take the time to walk through your home, while providing recommendations pertaining to necessary updates, ideal staging techniques and local contractors. Our goal is simple: to optimise your home and highlight it in a way that will capture interested buyers. 


Professional Videos and Photography 


The importance of high quality listing videos and photos are imperative to marketing your home. Though buyers may come from many locations and with various motivations in terms of what they are seeking in a property, it is the pictures and videos that may determine whether or not a buyer even chooses to view your property listing in the first place. 


Through the use of multiple professional tools we will capture the true essence of your home. Photos, videos and virtual tours will allow us to market your property to its highest possible potential. 


A Complete Digital Marketing Solution 


Private Luxury Collection’s team of experts will utilise the most effective, modern advancements in design, digital marketing and client qualification to ensure your property is viewed by buyers who are ready to purchase NOW. 


Traditional Marketing 


Though digital marketing is the focal point of our marketing strategy to reach international buyers around the globe. We will not neglect the significance and benefits that more traditional marketing strategies can have. There are many ways to attract the interest of more local buyers such as flyers, sale signs and open houses.


Unparrelled Service 


We understand that your house means a lot to you and that is why the team at Private Luxury Collection is dedicated to keeping your best interests at heart in everything we do!  We have some of the most experienced, best trained people in the industry who have built their careers doing whatever it takes to find the right buyers and land the best deals for each and every one of our selling clients. More than that, we are hard working researchers who are always prepared to use the most relevant information to leverage the demand in your property - often resulting in us producing multiple buyers for your property. 


Transparency and Integrity 


We pride ourselves in our commitment to keeping you informed about all relevant aspects of process, from lead generation, viewing feedback, contract negotiation and to a satisfactory closing. Simply put, we will keep you informed every step of the way. 

1. We will counsel you during the property preparation process 


There is a lot more that goes into listing a property for sale than just putting up a for sale sign and placing it on a website hoping for the best. It is important to us that we set you up for success from the start, which means helping you to get the house ready to be seen by as many qualified buyers as possible. 

We begin by providing a complimentary no obligation consultation in the property. Here we can discuss your personal objectives for selling, the time frame you have in mind, alternatives to selling and provide you with the ideal sales price. 


2. Our dynamic digital marketing strategies and partnerships will bring buyers quickly and help you sell your home for the highest possible price 


Your home is unique and we market it to reflect this. Using details, compelling descriptions, and beautiful visuals, we work with you to to develop a creative framework for marketing your property to its full potential. The outcome is a a lasting first impression that will make your house stand out and attract buyers to want to view it in person. 


3. We will negotiate passionately on your behalf, with your best interests front and centre and we will hold your hand every step of the way until the sale is complete. 


We are dedicated to getting the absolute best results possible for our sellers! With our depth of local market knowledge and experienced negotiation skills, not only will we overcome common obstacles within the sale of your property but will ensure you walk away from the sale with money in your pocket! 


Download our Sellers information packet and 150 marketing plan now to learn how Private Luxury Collection can help you sell your property 


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