Government Schemes

Government Schemes

Government Schemes

The Portuguese government currently operate several schemes that are beneficial to international citizens looking to purchase a property in Portugal. 


For those based outside of the EU/EFTA, both the Golden Visa and D7 Residency Visa are options for you to consider if you are looking to relocate to Portugal, either now or in the future. 


This guide covers the 3 key schemes currently offered by the Portuguese government that will be beneficial to international citizens who are looking to buy property in Portugal or relocate. 


Golden Visa  


This special scheme, designed to attract foreign investment into Portugal has been operating since 2012.  It offers a fast track for foreigners located outside of the EU/EFTA to obtain full residency in Portugal without the need to reside in the country for 183 days each year. 


There are changes taking effective from 2022, but the Golden Visa scheme remains in effect and is still one of the most popular routines for people looking to purchase from overseas. 


Learn More About Portugal's Golden Visa Scheme



D7 Residency Visa 


The D7 residency visa is one of the most affordable and attractive immigration visas offered by Portugal. It is intended to help non-EU nationals looking to obtain long-term residency when relocating to Portugal. It is aimed predominantly at retirees or those with a passive income. Additionally, the visa allows you to travel through the Schengen zone, visa free.


Learn More about Portugal's D7 Residency Visa 


Non Habitual Residency 


This advantageous tax scheme offers anyone relocating to Portugal the opportunity to benefit from favourable tax regimes on both income and pensions, making the thought of moving to Portugal even more appealing. 


Learm More About Portugal's NHR Scheme


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