Lying along the Atlantic coast, the most Southwestern country of Europe, Portugal, offers mild climates and over 3000 hours of sunshine every year. With its award winning beaches, great gastronomy and low cost of living, Portugal has something to offer everyone. 


Ranked as the number 1 place in the world to retire, 3rd on the global peace index and offering advantageous tax and investment schemes, it is easy to see why so many people are looking to buy a property in Portugal whether it’s for investment, holidays or to relocate. 


Not sure where to focus your search? 


Take some time to explore all the different areas of Portugal and what each has to offer. 


Eastern Algarve


Located on the southern coastline of Portugal and bordering Spain, across to Faro, the Eastern Algarve has its share of tourism but it is much less crowded than Central Algarve and not as remote as Western Algarve. Rich in Portuguese culture and heritage it is less developed than other areas but still offers all the essential amenities to anyone buying a property there. 


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Central Algarve 


As its name dictates, the Central Algarve region is located in the heart of the Algarve’s southern coast. It is where you will find many on the most popular resorts and some of the most famed beaches. However, not everything is focused around the touristic resorts as a number of prime inland towns and villages, such as Loule or Silves, offer more historial and quintessential Portuguese vibes. 


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Western Algarve


The Western Algarve sits at the most westerly point of Europe on Portugal’s south coast. It is an area famed for its natural beauty, rugged coastlines and protected national park. Offering a nice blend of seaside resort towns and inland market towns, it is more low-key than the Central Algarve but in some areas move developed than the Eastern Algarve. It attracts those seeking outdoor and nature actives from surfing or hiking to bird watching.


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Lisbon and Lisbon Coast 


Not only is Lisbon Portugal’s largest and most wealthy city, it also has the unique distinction of being Europe’s furthest western capital city. With a population of over 2.8 million in Lisbon and the surrounding area, it certainly qualifies as a large city on any scale. The Lisbon coast offers a seductive stretch of golden beaches and vibrant seaside towns perched on dramatic clifftop locations and is home to the fairytale town on Sintra. 


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Porto and the Green Coast 


Porto is the 2nd largest city in Portugal based on its population. Located in the North of the country, it is the city where Portugal’s name comes from. It is youthful and vibrant sitting on the banks of the Douro river. The Green coast which is the westerly coast located near Porto, offers a number of beautiful beaches but is relevantly undeveloped and less frequented by tourists than the Lisbon or Algarve coastlines. 


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Silver Coast 


Located just north of the Lisbon Coast and south of Porto and the green coast. The area has, for many years, been an elected spot by the Portuguese for their summer holidays and is now growing in international recognition mainly due to its beauty and attractive low prices. Brought into the international spotlight, with the largest waves ever surfed, the town of Nazaré gives you a glimpse into every day Portuguese life.


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