A day of property viewings: Guiding International Buyers to their Dream home in the Algarve, Portugal

A day of property viewings: Guiding International Buyers to their Dream home in the Algarve, Portugal

A day of property viewings: Guiding International Buyers to their Dream home in the Algarve, Portugal

As an experienced real estate agent based in the Algarve, Portugal, I find immense joy in assisting international buyers on their journey to finding their dream home. Join me as I take you through a day filled with property viewings, where I meticulously prepare, guide my clients through carefully selected villas, and ultimately help them make informed decisions.


9:00 am - Final Preparations and Property Research


I begin my day by putting the finishing touches on the properties lined up for today's viewings. With appointments already confirmed, I gather all the necessary information about each property, including their unique features, and assess how well they align with my clients' specific requirements. I prepare detailed information sheets and a comprehensive client presentation folder, complete with our buyer's guide, information on mortgages, foreign exchange, and other valuable resources.


9:45 am - Meeting the Clients and Coffee


I meet my clients at a pre-arranged location, where we start the day with a quick coffee. We go over the plan for the day, discussing the properties we will be visiting and ensuring we are aligned with their expectations and preferences.


10:00 am - Villa Viewings


We begin our property viewings, focusing on three villas that closely match the needs of their family. These villas boast swimming pools and are conveniently located near two international schools and the beach, while offering a peaceful retreat away from the bustling tourist areas. I guide my clients through each property, highlighting their unique features and answering any questions they may have.


1:30 pm - Lunch and Property Discussion


We take a break for a light lunch, providing an opportunity to discuss the properties we have seen in the morning. Over the meal, we go over the pros and cons of each property, weighing their merits against the clients' requirements. I make a few phone calls to modify our afternoon schedule, replacing one property with another that I believe better suits their needs.


2:30 pm - Continuing the Viewing Tour


Refreshed from our lunch break, we resume our property viewings with renewed enthusiasm. We visit two additional villas, exploring their layout, amenities, and surrounding environments. During our viewing breaks, we indulge in cold drinks, discussing all the properties we have seen over the past few days.


4:30 pm - Decision Time and Making an Offer


Having viewed a range of properties, my clients are ready to make a decision. We sit down and review all the options, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each property. Once they have made their choice, I explain the process of submitting an offer and make arrangements for them to meet with a lawyer the following morning. With their decision made, I promptly place the offer with the seller, ensuring a swift response.


5:30 pm - Client Accommodation Drop-Off and Office Work


After a productive day of viewings, I drop my clients back at their accommodation, assuring them that I will be in touch as soon as we receive a response from the seller. Returning to the office, I provide feedback to the other properties viewed over the past two days, ensuring all parties involved receive the necessary information. I then draft a formal written offer, which I will send to the buyers for their signatures before submitting it to the sellers. I outline all the subsequent steps in an email, guiding my clients through the process until they complete their purchase.


Evening - Reviewing Emails and Planning Ahead


As the day winds down, I review any incoming emails and promptly return phone calls. I plan out the actions required for the following day, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to facilitate a smooth and successful transaction. With a sense of fulfillment, I look forward tohelping more clients find their dream homes in the Algarve.


A day of property viewings as an international buyer in the Algarve is filled with excitement and the promise of discovering the perfect home. As a dedicated real estate agent, my goal is to guide my clients through the process, provide valuable insights, and support them in making well-informed decisions. With my experience and knowledge of the local market, I am committed to helping international buyers find their dream homes in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal.




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