Buyer's Information

Buyer's Information

Buyer's Information

Thinking about buying a property in Portugal? 


You deserve a home in the sun that is as beautiful inside as it is outside. With our expert knowledge acquired from years of experience in the Portuguese real estate market, we are here to help you find yours.


Private Luxury Collection can give all potential buyers exactly what they want: A stress-free transaction. 


Our professional advise coupled with a personalised service tailored to you, will help you feel confident in the Portuguese property market.


Detailed Video Consultation 


Before you even set foot in Portugal the team at Private Luxury Collection will provide you with a complimentary one hour video consultation where you can discuss all your wants, requirements or concerns. 

We will take the time to discuss locations, make recommendations, keep you apprised on the current market trends and walk you through the entire buying process. We will also outline the buying costs and legalities involved in purchasing a property in Portugal. 


In-depth Qualification 


We go beyond just getting a list of your property requirements. We get to know you on a personal level, digging deeply to fully understand your motivations for buying in Portugal and what you enjoy doing and why. This helps us provide a detailed assessment of each property we recommend to you, so you can be sure the portfolio of Portuguese properties we present to you are the very best selection. 


Customised Seek And Select Service 


Due to the nature of Portugal’s real estate industry, there is no centralised database for clients to view all properties on the market. So we take the time to thoroughly search all available properties, including for sale by owner and off market properties. We make use of our large network of professional contacts to ensure you are able to consider every single property that matches your requirements. 


Experienced Professionals Guiding You 


When we represent you as a buyers agent, we are not here just to sell a property to you. We are here to guide you through the often overwhelming and sometimes challenging process of buying a property in Portugal. Our team of experienced professionals are fully qualified to to hold your hand every step of the way. We will not leave you at the signing of the deeds, instead we will still be there, to help you with all the matters that come after you purchase a home in Portugal. Thinkm of things like connecting utilities, arranging home insurance, transporting or finding furniture. 


Unparalleled Service 


We understand that buying a property is a huge investment. Not only financially but also emotionally. That is why the team at Private Luxury Collection is dedicated to keeping your best interests at heart in everything we do!  We have some of the most experienced, best trained people in the industry who have built their careers doing whatever it takes to find our buyers the very best property and negotiating the best price we possibly can for the each and every client. More than that, we work hard to research the market and the property so that we are able to leverage important information, often resulting in securing you the perfect property. 


Transparency and Integrity 


We pride ourselves in our commitment to keeping you informed about all relevant aspects of the process. We supply you with detailed information on locations, properties and processes, help you avoid mistakes, provide you with otherwise difficult to obtain information and ensure you don’t encounter any legal issues. Simply put, we will keep you informed every step of the way. 

1.We will take the time to talk to you in-depth about everything you want or need to know about buying a property in Portugal.

There is a lot to consider when buying a property in Portugal. Especially if you are an international buyer. We will take the time to meet with you, even before you arrive via video conference, to discuss all your hopes, dreams, wants and needs. Our expertise will allow us to provide you with detailed advice on everything from most suitable locations, different types of property, pricing exceptions and the process and buying costs associated with buying a property in Portugal. Not only that, we will be available to you at any time you need, whether that is in person or virtually between our initial contact and when you are ready to view and purchase the right home. 

2. Conduct a deep and thorough search of the market for the right properties, including private sales and off market properties. 

Private luxury collection prides itself on offering a bespoke service to every one of our buying clients. We will use all available resources to seeking out properties that match your requirements and will not limit this only to our own available listings. Through our many years of experience in the industry we have built up a reliable professional network and reputation that allows us to work with multiple other parties, ensuring we really do present you with the very best selection of properties. We work relentlessly to define and narrow the search criteria so that you can be assured you are only seeing properties that will fit with your personal needs. 

3.We will negotiate passionately on your behalf, with your best interests front and centre and will hold your hand every step of the way until the sale is complete.

We are dedicated to getting the absolute best results possible for our buyers! With our depth of local market knowledge and experienced negotiation skills, not only will we overcome common obstacles within the purchase of your property but will ensure that we will save you time, money and energy; allowing you to invest these into your new property. We will hold your hand through every step of the process and take the time to stop, explain and provide more details on anything you would like clarity on. 



Private Luxury Collection offers our buying clients a complete service from the minute you make contact. We will ensure that all our efforts are put into searching and selecting the very best of Portuguese real estate. 


Download our Buyers Information packet now to learn how Private Luxury Collection can support you step by step in buying a property in Portugal 


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