11 Things to Look for in a Seller’s Agent

11 Things to Look for in a Seller’s Agent

11 Things to Look for in a Seller’s Agent

If you have sold a home in recent years, you likely have a basic understanding of the procedure which includes setting a listing price, digital marketing, staging, negotiations, etc. You might even believe you have the knowledge to complete the task on your own.


Although it is not impossible, many Portuguese homeowners hold the misconception that they can buy or sell a home without the assistance of a real estate professional.


Consider this comparison: 


ou read the investing strategy book you received for your birthday. Although the stock Ymarket is at all-time highs, political and commercial issues are causing market volatility. There have been weeks with gains of 300 points and weeks with losses of 400 points.


The question: Are you prepared to manage your own stock market investment or Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?


Can you withstand the emotional ups and downs that come with watching thousands of dollars of your money arrive and go? Do you have the appropriate expertise?


In today's real estate market, selling and buying a Portuguese property involves more than 100 people, all of whom contribute to the transaction from beginning to end. More than 20 stages are necessary to complete the sale of your house. These can go from a home inspection to due diligence.


It can be stressful for sellers to plan ahead and coordinate each step required to get a house ready to show, list, advertise, and sell. The procedure can be made much simpler by a seasoned real estate expert who is versed in all aspects of real estate. If you hire a professional with real estate knowledge,  then you won't need to master their expertise.

How Do You Find The Best Agent?


A good agent can be located in a variety of ways. Personal referrals from friends and coworkers are frequently beneficial. You can be fairly certain you are onto a winner if someone is recommended by someone outside the real estate industry.


The best brokers — the top 10% — do 80% of all the business. Avoid getting stuck with a lemon. You want someone with enthusiasm and drive; someone who will give you the adequate attention you need and guide you through the whole process with both courtesy and professionalism. Take the time to interview real estate agents in your area. 


The following characteristics make a good Portuguese real estate agent. Consider this: Are they...


  • Current? To best assist, you, is the agent knowledgeable about the most recent housing trends?


  • Connected? Does the agent have the required contacts to help you at every stage to sell your home?

A network of connections includes home inspectors, quality service people, other brokers, and local Portuguese officials.

  • Knowledgeable? Does the real estate agent have knowledge of the current market and the ability to strategically price your home? Do they understand what makes your neighbourhood special and sets your house apart from the competition? Do they know what to emphasise in your neighbourhood to lure buyers?
  • Organised? An agent needs to pay close attention to your specific needs, be quick to follow up leads, and communicate effectively.
  • Personable? The phrase "go the additional mile with a grin" is used to describe agents who genuinely want to assist you. In addition to selling your house to purchasers, they must be able to sell themselves to you.
  • Passionate? Some agents view their work as only a hobby or a supplement to their income. Find a real estate agent who enjoys their work and is passionate about it.
  • Tenacious? Successful agents possess strong work ethics. They use effective time-saving techniques to sell your house quickly.
  • Honest? High standards of ethical conduct serve as the foundation for the reputation of seasoned real estate brokers.
  • Self-motivated? Real estate agents only make money on commission. Successful agents put in a lot of effort because they stand to gain if their clients do.
  • Creative? Sometimes, it takes creativity to properly showcase homes, develop engaging content, and negotiate a sale. An agent who can quickly address any marketing needs is an asset to you.
  • Tech-savvy? A website, social media accounts set up, user-friendly property search tools, and quality online presentations with high-resolution photographs of homes, videos, and slideshows are all requirements for agents who are knowledgeable about the most recent technologies for marketing homes.


A qualified and experienced Portuguese real estate agent has several hats to wear. They must be proficient in marketing, negotiating, consultation, legalities, property taxes, and, most of all, gaining the trust of clients.


A real estate agent that can satisfy your unique demands is unquestionably worth the commission they will receive.


You will gain from having a professional Portuguese real estate agent representing you when selling your house. Agents bargain from a distinct position;  they can separate themselves from the transaction's emotional component, unlike the majority of purchasers and sellers.


Agents are better at negotiating since it is a regular component of their professional responsibilities and because they have developed their skills through consistent practice. After all, it's covered in the job description and training for real estate agents.


Good agents go beyond serving as go-betweens for  the exchange of offers and counteroffers from buyers and sellers. They are experts who have been trained to advise clients on options and implications, to portray their cases in the best possible light, and to protect confidential client information from competing interests.


The real estate agent might operate as a mediator between the buyer and the seller, keeping the deal "at arm's length" and professional. This is crucial during the negotiation stage when feelings are likely to be running high.


Furthermore, the real estate agent will filter all the fruitless phone calls from bargain hunters and window shoppers.


For a few reasons, having a real estate agent on hand when the house is being shown is really advantageous. Calls for appointments will be taken by the agent, who will schedule them with the convenience of the seller in mind. The seller will save time and money because the agent will show the house. The follow-up inquiries are handled by the agency. In other words, employing an agent will save the seller time and hassle while encouraging serious buyers to make an offer right away.


The seller also greatly benefits from having the real estate agent handle the paperwork involved in real estate transactions. Deposit receipts on one page were the norm forty years ago. Purchase agreements of today are 10 pages or more.This excludes mandatory disclosures that are required by the law and the licensing body IMPIC.


Paper thickness for real estate files typically ranges from one to three inches. A slip-up or omission could cost you later on or get you into legal trouble in the future.


Speaking of the future, even a straightforward closing can turn out to be your worst nightmare. For instance, there may be a snag if the taxation authorities who collect transfer tax, document stamps, or property tax assessments are months behind schedule and invoices are mixed up. Without familiarity with the systems, these could be challenging to manage.


An experienced real estate agent will handle these problems. Frequently, issues come up that were missed during the exhilaration of closing. With a proficient agent, there will be a knowledgeable representative to help.


If you are looking for a dedicated agent to handle the sale of your home, look no further. Our former clients can attest to how hard we will work on your behalf. Contact us today to find out how much your home is worth. 

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